Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This summer I decided to put Makenna in gymnastics since we had the summer off from dance. Makenna just loves it, and as for me, I don't think I'm such a fan. Sure, it has been great for her, she has learned so much and has become so brave about things. Actually too brave. She is always jumping around the house, off the love sac, from couch to couch down the stairs, just about any where she can think. She also tried to do a flip in the shopping cart at Target. So now I am trying to teach her when it is appropriate to do her gymnastics. Or as she calls it "ba"nastics. She has even asked Weston for a flip bar. But any ways, today they had there pass offs at class so Weston came and watched her and we got some pictures. She did a good job and she was so excited to have us there watching her.

Practicing her handstands

Going to the next station to do a cartwheel

This is her practicing where to put her hands for her cartwheels

This is the actually cartwheel. She doesn't get her feet up over her but she is making lots of progress.

We have a video of her on the uneven bars that is really cute. So once I get Weston to post that we will get that up. But she can do the scissors with her legs and then a flip over the bar with some help. She just loves that!

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