Thursday, September 8, 2011

Makenna's First Day of Preschool

Wednesday was Makenna's first day of Preschool.  She goes to a place called The Busy Bee Preschool and it is pretty close to our house.  We were able to go meet her teacher and her classroom last week and Makenna got so excited!  She could hardly wait for school to start.  Her teachers name is Miss Mandy she has two neighbor girls in her class so that makes it nice for her to feel comfortable and nice for carpooling for me!  She said her favorite part about school yesterday was playing.  They have this really cute castle and Makenna was really excited to play in it.  Poor Kason sure missed her while she was gone though.  You should have seen how excited he was when we went and picked her up.  It was adorable!  I'm excited for Makenna to be starting up preschool and I know this will be great learning experience for all of us.  Well here are some pics!
 That sun is awful on the front of our house!  She is always squinting!
 So cute!  Her shirt says "Too Cool For School"  She calls it her guitar shirt.
Kason was getting jealous of all the picture taking Makenna was getting. 



She's a cute girl Katy! Can't believe you have a child that old!

Holden and Audrey said...

so so cute! That's so adorable that Kason missed her!