Friday, October 14, 2011

Pizza Night!

For dinner last night I thought I would let the kids make their own individual pizza's.  I didn't realize it was going to be so much fun.  Makenna is totally independent and loves helping me in the kitchen but Kason was hilarious!  He wanted to do everything so Weston helped him roll out his dough and then helped him load the toppings.  But it was when Weston was making his own pizza that Kason was cracking me up.  Every time Wes turned his back to get another topping (or more of something) Kason would start picking everything off of Weston's pizza and eating it!  It was so funny to see him act so fast when Weston turned his back.  And he wasn't bothering anybody else's pizza just Weston's!  It was pretty cute.  Anyways, Weston finally got his pizza made and it was a fun dinner.  (Oh and by the way Rhodes dough is just amazing if you or your family members have egg allergies.  We use it for everything!  We've done pizza's, rolls, breadstick's, soup bowls, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls and we even tried them out as doughnuts!  I love Rhodes and they are so convenient!)  But here are some pics from pizza making!

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