Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Field trip

Today Makenna got to go on her first field trip.  They went to the Vineyard Nursery down in Orem and Kason and I got to tag along.  It was really cute the had a corn maze and big play area and a little light alley and then at the end they all got to pick out there own pumpkin.  We were able to get a cute class picture of all the kids and then they were off.  I really didn't see Makenna again until they were picking out there pumpkins.  She is such a social butterfly that she was off and playing or talking to someone the whole time. 

This is Makenna's class.  She is on the bottom row in the middle

Makenna with her "perfect pumpkin"

Kason just had to have one too!

At home with their pumpkins.  Kason really has his "cheese" face down!

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