Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kason's 2 Year Pictures

I took Kason to get his 2 year old pictures the day before his birthday this year.  I learned my lesson from last year when he broke his arm 5 days before his birthday and then was covered in hives from his amoxicillin.  I didn't get pictures for 6 weeks after his first birthday because I didn't want the cast or the rash in his pictures.  Needless to say I was totally prepared this year.  We went to a place here in Lehi called Camera Shy and they did the cutest job!  They had so many different options and Kason really cooperated so I think we got some really cute ones.  There were a ton to pick from so it was hard to order prints.  Anyways here is our handsome little man!


Liz said...

He is so handsome!

Sarah said...

He is pretty adorable! I never thought he and Makenna looked that much alike but the older they get the more they do!