Monday, January 9, 2012

Kason's new bed

I have been wanting to get Kason switched over to a big boy bed for a few month's now so I started looking around at different beds we could buy.  I couldn't find anything I liked for a decent price.  So I showed Weston a picture of one I really liked from Pottery Barn but it was really expensive of course.  (I just really liked how the head and foot board looked like the bead board that is in Kason's room.)

Well Weston said "I could make that!"  So I put him to work.  It took longer than expected because things kept coming up at work and with the holidays but we finally got it finished!  I just absolutely love it and all I can say is that I have the best husband in the world!  He can do anything and I really appreciate all that he does for us.  Oh and Kason really likes his new bed!  There seems to be this invisible bubble around his bed too because he hasn't even tried to get out of it.  He gets right up in to bed when it's bed time and he will just lay there and call for us when he wakes up.  He is such a great kid!  We sure do love him!  Now I hope I haven't just jinxed us!

He looks so teeny in it!  But we got some cool Buzz and Woody sheets and he just loves it!  Now we just need to get a comforter/blanket and a step stool.  It's a little too tall for him but he'll grow into it!

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The Gardner Family said...

Ahhh...That is one cute little man! K...we might have to switch Thomas to a big boy bed too! They are growing up too fast!