Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Countdown continues

It's official, I am in my third trimester! I only have 78 days to go and hopefully even less than that! I went to the doctor for my check up today and everything was fine. Except for all the pregnancy pains this little guy is giving me. I thought I wasn't supposed to be all uncomfortable yet? Well at least for another month or so. But things are going good and Makenna is so cute. She totally understands that I have a baby in my belly. Just yesterday she came up and said momma's baby and then kissed my belly. It was so cute!!! I just hope she still likes him when he comes home from the hospital and takes away some of her attention. I'm sure she will do fine though. With it being the holiday season, hopefully Weston will be home to help out a lot and there will be family around to help. That is if no one is sick. What an awful time of year to have a baby. Oh well, they just come when they are supposed to, right?

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Melissa said...

Cute Blog! I never see you guys- life seems so busy! I am excited for baby 'Van'. Sounds like you are doing well. Makenna will make a great big sister!