Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2009

This year Halloween was so much fun. Makenna knew everything that was going on and had so much fun. So we started by making and decorating cookies Friday night. This is the first year Weston hasn't had school so we had lots of family time and it was so much fun. Makenna had so much fun cutting the cookies. Her favorite was the black cat but every time she used the cookie cutter she would push her fingers in the dough rather than the cookie cutter. It was so funny. And then we frosted the cookies. Makenna had lots of fun doing that.

Making cookies with mom and dad

She had so much fun

She even helped me roll out the dough

Enjoying one of our yummy cookies

Then on Saturday it was Halloween. Weston went and participated in his first golf tournament out at Talons Cove and really enjoyed that. Then that night we went trick or treating. It was so much fun! It was our first time being in a big subdivision and it was so much fun! Makenna was so cute walking up to all the doors. I had been practicing with her to say "trick or treat" but she was too shy at most the doors to say anything. After we hit some houses we went to all the grandparents and got more candy. It was a really fun weekend and Makenna looked so adorable in her Tinkerbell costume. She just loved it and wanted to wear it all day. Here are some pictures.

The cutest Tinkerbell ever!

She liked her wand that lit up

Just playing on the porch getting ready to go trick or treating

Grandma and Grandpa Southwick

Here she is so hyper off all the sugar. We couldn't get her to stop running around. She would have gone all night if we would have let her. She was so hyper but cute!

So all in all this was the most fun Halloween we have had yet. I can't wait tell next year to dress up two cute little kids!


Sarah said...

Super adorable! Love the costume! :)

The Mom said...

So cute! My girls are standing over my shoulder oohhing and awwweeing over her costume... you are making me look bad!