Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Names

So we are having a hard time coming up with baby names. We have a list (or should I say "I") but we can't really pick or decide on anything. Weston doesn't like anything I do. So I was wondering does anybody have a good name for a boy? Have you heard anything cute that your not going to use and wouldn't mind telling? I'm not big on common names like Joe and Bob. But if anybody has a suggestion I would love to hear it. Thanks!


The Mom said...

We have the hardest time naming our children. They always come home without a name. I like to see them first before I decide on a name, maybe that is not such a good idea!
I love the name Brock and fought hard to win on the last baby, but my husband was so opposed he said that I could name him anything else but that and he wouldn't question it. Wow. So i named him Rush. My oldest is Tucker, I like that we haven't met another one as he gets older everyone calls him tuck.

Anonymous said...

So I finally looked my list of all the students at my school. Here are a few that I thought were cute and less common.
Aiden, Landon, Liam, Gavin, Cole, Porter, Jett, Colin, Grayson, Karter, Myles, Gage, and Ryder.
P.S. sorry i didn't go to your party last night, I totally spaced it:).