Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hanging our Christmas Lights

So the Friday after Thanksgiving Weston was hanging the lights on our house.  Now I was trying to sleep during Kason's nap because I had gone shopping the whole night before for Black Friday but I was being very successful.  I had been hearing Weston walking around on the roof and the lights dragging but all of a sudden I was woken up with a load bang and a really loud noise as something slid off the roof.  I jumped out of bed so fast to look our the window below just sure that I was going to see Weston on the ground.  But I couldn't find him, so I called his phone and he answered.  He was still on the roof hanging lights.  As I looked out the back window this is what I found.

Weston had used the taller ladder to climb up on the house and had taken this small step stool up on the roof to help him get up to the higher lever.  But the wind had knocked it over and blown it off the roof.  It landed right on top of my little pine tree I was trying to grow and smashed my pot.  It was a loud noise and scared me to death but I'm so glad it wasn't Weston that fell off the roof!

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