Monday, November 21, 2011

Potty Time!

So Kason and I have official taken the leap into potty training.  I was really trying to put it off but with his food allergies and intolerance to fruits I really think potty training will help a ton with his diaper rash.  Also the fact that a new baby that will be in diapers is arriving in 3 months is helping push my motivation too.  I don't really want to be changing 2 kids diapers plus I think Weston will die at the cost of all of it all.  Kason will tell us sporadically that he needs to go potty so we thought we might as well give it a try.  Therefore this morning Kason and I went shopping.  We got all the necessities, big boy undies, pull-ups, a step stool, m & m's (for rewards) and an extra pair of pants.  (He doesn't have enough to make it a week as it is so I got an extra pair for accidents.)

He picked out Mickey Mouse and Thomas and Friend's undies.  He also gets 3 m&m's if he goes potty in the toilet.  So here he is relaxing with his goodies.

So once we got home he chose a pair of Mickey and Donald undies and he was set.  He kind of walked funny at first because they definitely fit differently than a diaper does.  I just had to laugh at him.  He was all bow legged!  He has done well minus one accident right before nap time.  So we just put a diaper on him and sent him to bed.  He really likes getting 3 m & m's after he goes potty so that is helping us out.  Hopefully the rest of the week will go as well.  I'm hoping to have Weston help me out since he will be home more because of the holidays.

Anyways wish us luck and if anybody has any good ideas or suggestions please send them our way!

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