Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cute Kids

Lately Makenna and Kason have been doing the cutest things and I thought I should really write them down.  So here is what is going on around here.

    Our little model
  • She loves playing Disneyland.  She will pack up her bag and go on pretend rides.  She slides down the stairs playing Splash Mountain and twirls in circles on the Teacups.
  • She has learned so much from being in school for just 2 months that it just blows my mind.  She is such a smarty pants.
  • She always has to be right and don't you tell her she's not or try and correct her because that will just start it up again!
  • Makenna is always dancing or doing handstands.  Everyday she is practicing her dancing or tumbling and she calls it exercises.  Now I thought that with 2 dance classes and one tumbling class she would be burnt out but I think the opposite has happened.  She has more energy then ever!
  • She is the biggest social butterfly and loves to play with friends.  Everyone she meets is her friend.

    Our Goofball
  • He says "What!" after everything you say
  • He has been throwing himself on the ground and just laying there when he doesn't get his way.  It is pretty cute!
  • We have gotten him off his binky although now we have a few more bedtime palls like Mickey, Giraffe, Buzz and Woody.
  • He is talking so much but my favorite words right now are for crackers "crack" and his drink is "guck"
  • He loves his sister and wants to do whatever she is doing.  He will just follow her around the house just to be with her.  It is so sweet.
  • He is obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Trains so he asks for them all day long.
  • Kason really is just the happiest sweetest kid ever!

I really wish I could think of more because I know I could go on and on about these two but for some reason my pregnancy brain has really kicked in and I can't think right now.  So I'll just have to update later.

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