Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Little Sister

Since both kids were sick we had to try and keep them away from Brynn.  But Kason was well enough that he got to come to the hospital and pick us up.  He loved the chair, and my food but was pretty shy of everything else.

Meeting Brynn for the first time.  He couldn't get too close!

Sleeping with Daddy!

Makenna got Brynn and I balloons and flowers.  She was so excited to give them to us once we got home from the hospital.  This was pretty much as close as we would let her get for the picture.  She was being a good sport about not being able to help out and see her.  We've let her get closer and see her but it's killing her that she hasn't got to hold her yet.  Hopefully by this weekend everyone will be fully recovered and fingers crossed that Brynn doesn't get it!

This is Kason saying "I'm not touching!"
These kids sure love their little sister.  I wonder how long it stays this way!?! 

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