Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brynn's Crazy Birthday Party

Brynn had a really big celebration for her birth day.  Much more memorable that with my other two kids.  It all started when we checked in and our nurse and a student with her from BYU that was there learning for the day.  They were both really cute and fun to have as our nurses.  As we talked to our main nurse Pam, we realized that she was actually the same nurse that was there when we delivered Kason.  So that was fun and reassuring to know that she was a good nurse. 

So our nurse Pam taught the BYU student all through out the day about the charts, my medicine, the catheter and all the procedures of everything.  It was fun because I got to hear a lot more than I have with other deliveries.  It kind of felt like I was a story line on Greys Anatomy being in a teaching school and everything.  It was fun.

So it finally came time to deliver Brynn.  They called Dr. Bean to come over and as they started to get ready the student came in and whispered something to our nurse.  She said "well you can ask her."  So she came over to me and asked if I would mind if another student came in to watch.  I thought sure might as well, since that's what they are studying and everything.  So she went out and brought in another BYU student with her.  Well then the baby nurse came in followed by a UVU student.  I couldn't believe they just kept coming!  So there I am sitting in the stir ups waiting for the doctor to show up.  Then my nurse Pam has a great idea to put on the party music.  So after a few minutes of messing with the computer they actually put on music playing Happy Birthday.  By then the doctor showed up and joined the party.  All we needed was a few balloons and some cake and it would have been a complete party! 

So I hope Brynn enjoyed her first party since she was the star of the show!

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debbie said...

She is so beautiful. These are the first pictures I've seen of her since the one Weston sent. Ilove her! And she is my February baby.