Monday, February 6, 2012

Our New Car

Check out our sweet new ride!!!

I absolutely love it!!!!  It is a Nissan Armada and I have been wanting one for awhile now.  It is so big and nice inside and now we can all fit into one vehicle!  It will fit 8 so we have tons of room.  I have had my car for 10 years and I have never really cared for it.  So I am so excited about this one.  I was seriously stressing out so much because once the baby gets here next week we wouldn't all be able to fit into our car.  There was NO way of fitting 3 car seats in there.  But now I have tons of room and I'll even have enough room to car pool to school!  I was feeling so guilty every time I had to leave Kason at someones house so I could get the girls to school.  But now we all fit!  I just love the color of it and it is really nice inside.  It is older being a 2004 and it doesn't have all extras like a tv screen or heated seats or anything but I really don't care.  We watch enough tv at home that we don't need to watch it in the car.  Makenna was a little disappointed about that but she got over it.  Both kids like the new car too and are having way too much fun playing in it.  Anyways I was just really excited and I feel totally stress free now!  That's not going to last long though once the baby gets here next week.  Yeah, I can't wait to finally see her!!!  10 more days!


Mike and Nic said...

Love it!


I'm jealous!

Holden and Audrey said...