Monday, June 28, 2010

Round-up Week

Last week was a very busy week. It was the annual Lehi Round-up. We had things going on almost every day. It was a very crazy but very fun week. I was able to get some pictures of all the festivities but not all of them.

Monday - We went and had a picnic in the park with my family and listened to Lehi's got talent.

Tuesday - I took Kason to the baby contest

Wednesday - We decorated the Southwick's house to get ready for Weston's brother to get home from his mission

Thursday - We went to the airport to pick up Weston's parents and his brother Cameron

Isn't she such a doll! She was so excited for Cam to get home but she got very nervous and shy when it came down to it.

Kason meeting his uncle Cam for the first time!

Thursday - We went to the stock parade
Family night at the rodeo

Makenna and Avery

Kason was a handful at the rodeo but I'm glad he got to go for his first time.

Just getting ready for everything to start

The cutest little cowgirl ever!

Friday - Miniature parade and Weston and I went on a date to the rodeo

Saturday - We went to the Grand Parade
Family fun days at the park
Last night for the rodeo

Kason just hanging out again! He had fun watching everything and eating snow cones!

Makenna loves the horses

We watched the parade at Shane and Cali's. Makenna loves Shali to pieces!

We had so much fun this year. The last night of the rodeo they motorcycles even did a back flip. it was pretty sweet! Makenna loved to do and see everything. And Kason was a good sport to be carried all around. He was a good boy. But it was lots of fun and we can't wait for next year! We just love all the parades, rodeo's and activities.

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