Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A day of First's

On Friday we had a big day. Kason ate cereal for the first time and he went swimming for the first time too! He just loved his cereal. You should have seen him diving for the spoon. I couldn't get it to him fast enough. It was so adorable! Then we went swimming. Makenna had been asking forever to go so we went on Friday night. She was really timid and would get out of the water every five minutes to dry off. So I got her enrolled for lessons in two weeks. Kason on the other hand just loved it. He giggled and splashed and just had the time of his life. And we finally got our garden planted. This isn't our first garden but it was the first time Makenna helped with it. She was such a good helper. So all in all, it was a fun weekend!

Here is Makenna pushing the seeds into the dirt with her finger

Kason's just hanging out!

Wes and Makenna. She had a tight grip on him most the time.

Kason liked the slide. Makenna even warmed up enough to it and went down a couple times.

Makenna, Kason and Weston

Diving for the spoon!

Such a big boy!

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Dayna said...

He is so stinkin cute!