Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dance Recital

Saturday was Makenna's dance recital from the Dance Depot. She has loved every minute of dance class this year and was lucky enough to have her Grandma Southwick and Aunt Cali be her teachers. It has been such a great experience for her and she has learned so much. We are really grateful that she has had the chance to take dance from her grandma. And all I can say is she just has the cutest twist ever, but I can't seem to get the video to upload! It worked with Kason rolling over but now it won't load. Oh well, you'll just have to believe me when I say she was so cute out there on the stage!

Makenna after the recital with her flowers

Cali, Makenna and Grandma

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Mike and Nic said...

So freaking cute!!! Oh, and happy late birthday Makenna!