Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Year Old Stats

I took Makenna to the doctors today for her 3 year old check up. She was a little confused because for the past year we have been either going to mommas doctor or Kason's doctor. She told me she wasn't sick and didn't know why she had to go. It was pretty cute. But here are her stats at age 3.

Height 37.5 in - 63%

Weight 28 lbs - 31%

BMI 14 - 11%

She's just staying kind of tall and slender. What a lucky girl.

And just on a side note, you really know how much a daddy loves his little girl when he is willing to walk the whole store of Home Depot in search for a lost pink purse. Makenna had taken her purse into the store with us tonight and put it down on a box and left it there. Weston is just the best dad and went back just to find it. (While he walked up and down every aisle for it, I went up to a customer service desk and asked for the lost and found and there it was.) We had one happy girl once we found it!

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Sarah said...

I can't believe she only weighs 28 pounds! Hailey weighs that...or more! :) But that's exactly how Micah is...tall and skinny. Even he barely weighs 35 pounds and he's 4 1/2! She's adorable and I can't believe she's already 3!