Thursday, May 13, 2010

Makenna's Happy Birthday

Makenna refers to birthday's as Happy Birthdays. It is just the cutest. So yesterday she had the happiest birthday.

It started out by us going to lunch with Wes at McDonald's

Then we had "princess" mac and cheese for dinner. She was not happy at all about her pink dinner. We had to make her a new bowl that was yellow!

Then it was party time!

We invited all the cousins that are Makenna's age to come over for a party. We played "Musical Poison Apple" from Snow White, Cleaned like Cinderella, and colored princess pages. We also ate some yummy apples and dip. It was lots of fun and I think the kids had fun too.

Makenna got a princess costume of Briar Rose for her birthday

And she got the matching barbie doll

The one thing she asked for, for her birthday was a slide. She was so excited to get it!

Makenna really wanted a Snow White cake for her birthday. It was tricky but I think it turned out pretty good in the end.

Here are all the cousins that dressed up and came to Makenna's Princess Party
Brandon (Batman), Carli (Snow White), Makenna (Briar Rose) Shali and Kyanna (Princess)

Thanks to everyone who came, called, or sent cards to made this such a special day for our little princess!

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