Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And we're up to six

Office visits that is. Tonight we took Kason in for an allergic reaction to his ear infection antibiotic, amoxicillin. So now we have had six office visits in 4 weeks and his list of allergies just keeps growing. Amoxicillin (and penicillin), eggs and nuts. Funny thing is we were supposed to take him to the allergist today to have him tested but we had to reschedule because he was covered in hives and doped up on benedryl. Poor kid. I really hope he gets feeling better soon. This has been the longest month ever!!!

Poor kid. His whole face is covered in red sploches. It doesn't look that bad here but his face started to swell up so we finally took him in to the after hours clinic again.

His whole back and tummy and head are covered in these red hives. His legs and arms just have red spots.


Alisha said...

How sad! :( I hope he feels better soon!

Mike and Nic said...

That poor little kid!! Poor mom and dad too! That sucks! Hope he gets feeling better soon!