Monday, May 23, 2011

Dance Recital

Ready to start performing!

Makenna had her dance recital last weekend and she did such a great job. Since she loves to dance so much we decided to let her take two dance classes this year and she has had so much fun! She took from her Grandma Southwick and her Aunt Cali in one class and from another instructor named Candice for her second class. It was lots of fun be we didn't realize that she was going to have 4 dances at the recital this year. She was having lots of fun dancing on stage and then we would run back to change just in time to jump on the stage with the next class. That was a lot for a little girl! She was just loving it though. She kept saying, "this is so much fun," "I have so many dances!" But by the last dance she was really tired and hungry and thirst. We'll have to rethink that one for next year. But she did such an amazing job and had so much fun! She is already asking me when she gets to dance on stage again. It is going to be a really long year! But here are some pics from the recital.

This dance was the theme song from Tangled. It was so cute! (she is the second one from the left)

This was High School Musical. We're all in this together. (she is on the right)

This was her Heigh Ho outfit from the seven dwarfs. This was my favorite dance it was just simply adorable!!!

This was the song Something There from Beauty and the Beast. This would have been the cutest dance but some of the girls went to the wrong side of the stage so Makenna ended up just standing there in the back because she didn't know what to do.

Becca, Makenna and Maddi after the recital

Makenna was so excited for her flowers. Thanks Nanna Powell!

Kyanna, Makenna and Shali sitting on the stage while we cleaned up. Makenna was so starving that Wes went and got her some chips out of the school vending machines. Poor girl!

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