Monday, May 23, 2011

A very amazing husband

I have the greatest husband in the world. I know, I know, everybody thinks that about their husbands but mine really is! Here is just an example why.

Friday was cleaning day. Not only was I cleaning my house but I had already cleaned my husband's grandparent's house. Now that, is a lot of bathrooms! 4 to be exact and I HATE bathrooms. When we moved into our house we had planned to install tile in all the bathrooms and the kitchen and so far we had only one bathroom done and the entry way. So anyways, back to cleaning the bathrooms, I had just finished cleaning them and was about to start on the floors when I realized how disgustingly dirty they were. (It been a while since I had done the floors!) So I started thinking, why don't we just get rid of this ugly linoleum and put tile down. The linoleum was curling up around the tub so I just gave it a little tug and up it came! I hadn't gotten too far by the time my husband got home from work and saw what I had done. Now he could've yelled at me, gotten mad at me or told me to fix it but instead he went upstairs laughing and changed into his work clothes. We spent the rest of the night working on the bathroom floor. He is such a great and understanding husband of all my spur of the moment, crazy ideas and he loves me for just being me. He really is the greatest husband!

Here Wes is fixing up my big mess!

All the nasty old floor I pulled up!

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