Monday, May 16, 2011

Makenna's 4th Birthday Party

Makenna turned 4 last week and to celebrate she wanted to have a party with all her friends from Joy School and Dance. We didn't do the party on her actual birthday though, we ended up doing it a couple days early since we were having such a busy week. But we had 8 girls come and we played games and had cupcakes. Makenna had fun and the girls seemed to be having fun so I think it was a success. The girls kept me so busy that I forgot to take pictures but here are a few that I did get. And I didn't even get one with all the girls in it! Hopefully next year I do better!

This was playing "Duck, Duck, Goose"

Opening presents.

Makenna's Barbie cupcakes!

This was a really cute game we played at the beginning. It was "Pin the Sunglasses on Barbie"

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