Thursday, August 23, 2012

1/2 Birthday Party

I know its kind of dorky but I love to celebrate the kids 1/2 birthday.  I don't do it every year I just do it when they are 6 months old.  And besides who doesn't like an excuse to bake a cake?  Brynn's 1/2 birthday fell right when Wes was out of town on work so we waited tell this week to celebrate.  I didn't think baking a cake with just me around to eat it was a very good idea!  So we had presents, just an outfit and a new toy.  Makenna was really sweet and colored her a picture.  But Brynn really loved it and tried to eat the gift bags and she even tried to dig into her cake!  I guess it's kind of mean of me to make a cake for her and not let her eat it!  That's okay she'll have her big day in 6 more months.  I just hope she's as anxious to dig into it then!

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