Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swimming Lessons

I signed the kids up for swim lesson's and Kason's class was the parent/tot class so I got to attend the class with him.  I was going every day but then last Friday Weston took his lunch break and came to the class with Kason.  They had lots of fun.  Kason is loving the water and does everything he is asked to do.  He can blow bubbles, do his ice cream scoops, jump from the side and he can almost climb out by his self.  I think he would have had it all mastered except he's been sick all this week and not able to go to class.  Poor kid.  And he was having so much fun!  Oh well, we'll just have to wait tell next year and I'm sure he'll do great again!

And here are some pictures of Makenna in her class.  I really don't like her teacher, she's actually really awful but oh well.  At least Makenna is in the water being supervised and hopefully learning something.  She is still pretty timid in the water and doesn't like to get her face wet but she is doing good.  I just hope she's learning enough for survival skills if she were ever in that situation.

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